Main Business

Gochikuru is a food delivery service of lunch boxes (“bento” in Japanese) and catering, with an exceptional number of meal choices. We work with more than 600 restaurants and 30 logistics partners, and together we can provide the perfect meal for any private or business occasion. You can place orders online using our marketplace website, and we make deliveries nationwide!

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What is the origin of the name “GOCHIKURU”?

The word “GOCHISO” means “running around to treat guests” in English.
“KURU” means Crew (= Our Fellow).
“GOCHIKURU” is named after these words “GOCHISO” and “CREW”.

This word includes our thoughts as below.

All Crew members involved in the service run around while imagining the customer’s face and provide an environment where customers can enjoy delicious meals anywhere in Japan & world.

Why “Gochikuru?”

  • An exceptional number of meal choices

    We provide everything from an affordable to a high-end “gochiso” (feast), suitable for any business occasion. We have more than 8700 meal choices from 800 brands.
  • Meals from popular and acclaimed restaurants

    Our restaurants include Michelin-starred restaurants, and ones that always have a long line of customers.
  • Nation-wide delivery

    We make deliveries to every prefecture in Japan.
  • Online orders

    We accept your orders through computers or smartphones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Concierge service

    Our dedicated staff is here to help you choose the right meals, if you should need any assistance.
  • Billing and Payment

    You have four options; cash on delivery, bill payment (for corporate users only), credit card settlement , or gift card for “gochikuru”.

When to use our services

  • Meetings and trainings
  • Business lunches
  • Events
  • Parties

Use Cases

Business Model

Gochikuru provides all the necessary functions for restaurants and food factories in the dine-out industry (restaurant industry) to enter the Home Meal Replacement (HMR) sector (delivery of lunch boxes and ingredients, etc).
Restaurants and food factories can begin a delivery service by continuing your current business, and we do the rest. For logistics companies, you can leverage your idle time and space of your vehicles.

Product Development

Sales Promotion




Partnering benefits

For restaurants and food companies

You can begin a delivery service without the challenge of starting one from scratch. You can continue your current business, and we do the rest. We share the restaurants’ recipes with the food companies to mass produce the meals; we also receive and deliver orders, and even collect bills. We maintain the quality of the meals and will deliver them worldwide near future.

For logistics companies

  • Stable amount of orders
  • Simply pick up meals at our designated locations and deliver them to customers
  • Deliver a variety of meals with no idle time

Star Festival will arrange a stable amount of delivery orders. Just pick up the meals at our designated locations and deliver them to customers.

The future of Gochikuru

We will make deliveries not only across Japan but around the world!

We develop meals with recipes provided by our restaurant partners, which are then produced by our food company partners.
This style of food delivery business (Recipe OEM) is becoming a more standard model in Japan.

With the help of advanced freezing technologies, we can deliver exclusive meals for special occasions anytime, anywhere.
We are continually working to expand our delivery area and meal choices.

We, Gochikuru, want to create a world where you can enjoy delicious Japanese meals even on the other side of the world, anytime you wish!

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Enabling you to enjoy feasts anytime, anywhere!!

For Gochikuru, click here!